Yep, that’s the homework for tonight – to make a WonderTree.  The trunk is the subject of the overall report, the branches are the topics brainstormed yesterday for the MindMap.  Sub-Topics coming off main the main topics are now re-drawn as branches coming off the main branches. And now, the next step – to add leaves to the “tree” What are the “leaves”? They are the many questions a student might have about their topics and/or sub-topics!

And the students don’t actually have to draw trees tonight, they can do a similar conceptual breakdown using a graphic that represents their own report subject…..  They started this in class so take a look at the student’s research duotang to see if they decided to make a tree or some other visual metaphor.

And parents have “homework” too!

Students were given a project timeline sheet and a writing guidelines sheet.  Would parents please initial these two sheet to confirm that you’ve seen them?  Thanks!

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