Homework: Tuesday, Mar 5

There is a spelling “mock” test tomorrow, but the main homework for tonight is taking notes for the research reports.

We have practiced in class how to take notes using extracts from non-fiction readings.  We have learned about outlines and seen examples of them.  We have worked to transform our MindMaps and WonderTrees into outlines.  We “exploded” the outlines (ask your child what that means!) and even had some time today to take some notes in class – so we are excited to dive into our topics!

Students are asked to take 1 to 2 pages of notes (or a 1/2 hour or so of work) tonight, adding their hand-printed notes (no copying and pasting from web pages) into their research report duotangs.

The research reports process is well launched – and the class is feeling very positive about it!!