Homework: Tuesday, March 26

We have begun learning how to make broken line graphs.  Students have learned that “x” represents the horizontal axis and “y” the vertical, so that (x,y) identifies a point on the graph.  Today the class used data to make a table, and then used that table to make a line graph.  Some are a little shaky on how to figure out how large to make the graph (you look at the smallest and largest number and make the graph fit between those two numbers). Others needed coaching to organize the data.  So, tonight’s homework was to keep practicing the skill of making broken line graphs.  They have one problem to do!

By the way, as this is a four day week there is no Spelling mock test tomorrow. Everyone will take the real Spelling test on Thursday.

A reminder to parents – please hand back the signed cover page of the report card and the report card envelope.  Thanks!

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