We begin a new school year!

Hello everyone in Mr T’s gr 4/5 class (2013-2014), and welcome to our class blog!

This blog is for a lot of classroom related things, but tonight  it’s to mention a few news items…

First of all, the students all received their agenda books today.  They were asked to take them home because inside the front plastic folder should be three handouts from the school. The first is about the upcoming PAC family Bar-B-Q.  The second is a request for a $6.00 donation to help with the cost of the agenda.  The last notice is about our EMJS strings program offered to all grade five students.  Participation in the program is optional, but we do ask that all students return the form to school indicating whether they wish to participate in the program.  Details about the strings program are included in the handout.

There is also homework tonight! (In first term there will be homework Monday to Thursday, on most weeks.  Most of the time it should take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete.  If your child consistently finds it takes longer, please feel free contact me.)  For students who had their new duotangs here, they put their homework in those duotangs.  The other students put their homework in their agenda books.  The purpose of the assignment is to help students reflect on the things they need at home to help their to study and do their homewrk.  It’s meant to be fun!

BTW, students should bring their school supplies in ASAP.  Ideally, all students will have their supplies here by Monday, but I do appreciate that we all have have busy lives :-}

It’s going to be a great year!!!

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