Homework, Tues – Sept 18

We have been reviewing place value in class, so the students have math homework tonight.  Grade 4 students need to complete both sides of the “5b” worksheet.  Grade 5 students have worksheets “8a” and “8b” to do.  The math should be in their red homework duotang.

As well, we have been working on Canadian geography.  The class has been learning a way to study text.  The method is pretty straight forward.  First, read the article through.  Then, read it again and highlight (or underline) the facts and/or concepts you deem important.  Next write out those important items in point form (on lined paper) in your own words.  Finally, try to summarize that list in one paragraph, with full sentences.

Today, to prove that this is an effective method to study text, I gave the students the questions worksheet for the Ice Age sheet they had studied yesterday in class (and, for some, at home too). As an experiment, I told them they could only use their memories to complete the sheet!  After working for a while, over 2/3s of the class reported (via a heads down – eyes closed confidential vote) that they were surprised to learn they were able to fill out most of the worksheet without their notes or the article!  (BTW, I then allowed them to finish the sheet using their notes and the Ice age article.)

Today, I gave the class 40 minutes to perform the same study method with the 2nd SS worksheet “The Beginnings of North America”.  (Tomorrow they will get the questions worksheet I’ve prepared for this reading)  Most of the students finished the activity in the time allotted, a few were close to finishing, and a very few hadn’t gotten very far during that 40 minute block.  I asked all of them to take their SS duotangs home so that you could see what they had done, and so that they could finish it if they hadn’t done so at school…