We’re going on a vacation!

Today a major Social Studies project for the term was introduced to the class.
Students will be taking a 7 day “vacation” to a province or territory! 

The project is in three stages: planning the vacation, going on it and celebrating our return.  A detailed assignment sheet and a sample of the grading criteria was handed out and explained today.  Parents will find this in a new duotang labeled “The Discover Canada Project”.  Students were asked to take home their agenda book, their homework book (with their spelling sheet inside) and their “Discover Canada” duotang tonight. Students will be working on this project in class every day so please make sure their “DC” duotang returns to class!

Parents, would you please review the assignment sheet with your child and initial the sheet?  Thank you.

The kids are very excited about the project and are very, very eager to begin.  Students were coached to put all of the due dates for the various elements of the project in their Agenda books.  They now all have a province or territory to study, selected by random draw. They also laid out a simple framework for taking notes for the first part of their project – Chapter One:  A descriptive overview of the province or territory.  (How can you plan a vacation if you don’t know where you are going!)  Tomorrow we’ll start reading, researching and taking notes about out province or territory.

To help with student learning about the provinces and territories, a table has been set up that will function as special an internet research station.  As we currently are unable to have wireless in the school, the table has a router with six long cables coming out of it.  Students are invited to bring laptops from home to connect to the web and do their research this way.  Students with tablets (i.e. iPads,etc.) are also invited to bring them to school but unless they have special cable for connecting to the Ethernet network they will not be able to do internet research (no wireless).  Students with tablets should however be able to write notes and create some of the materials they need for the project at their desks.  We are asking that students share their technology with all of the class (we have a locked cupboard where we can safely store things when necessary).  The classroom also has four tabletop computers connected by wire to the web.  In this way all students in the class will have access to the web for their research!

As well, we have a variety of books available for students (of course!), and we encourage kids to visit the public library and bring in more!

In November you will be able to come to school to see the projects – it’s going to be wonderful day because all of the French and English speaking grade 4/5 classes will be taking part!