Chapter One of the “Discover Canada” project is due tomorrow!

As announced on this blog Oct. 7, the class is working on an independent studies project, planning a “vacation” to a province or territory.  There are many stages to the project.  The first part is to make a 3 chapter information booklet about the place to which students will “travel”.  The first chapter of this booklet, a description of the province or territory, is due tomorrow.  So, the homework for tonight is or the students to work on this!

Students have had an hour or more every day in class to work independently on this chapter.  This has included multiple times in the library, many opportunities to use the computers in the classroom (BTW – A big “thank you” to the folks who brought in their laptops to share with the class!), as well as in desk work times.

A very detailed handout about the project was given to each student when the project announced in class.  It contains specific information about what should be in each section of the project.  Here’s a quote from that handout about what is expected for chapter one:

To help you plan for your trip, you first need to learn about your province or territory.
Task: Write a 2 to 6 page description of your province or territory.

            Your description must include these sub-topics:


How large is it?  What are its main physical features?

(Such as cities, roads, rivers, lakes or mountains, etc.)

b.)  CLIMATE (Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring):


What plants and animals are unique to this area?

What is this province or territory’s symbolic plant and/or animal?


What things make money and jobs for this province or territory?

(Such as forests, fisheries, technology, service industry, trading, mining, etc.)

e.)   HISTORY:

What’s the brief history of this province or territory?”

Students will have about an hour in class tomorrow to finish any last minutes jobs they need to do on chapter one.

Many excited students have already started work on chapter two!

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