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After learning about the province or territory you will be “visiting” it’s time to plan where and what you want to visit!  Tomorrow the students will hear that their itinerary  will need to be for 7 days.  There is no need to plan for traveling to or from your province, and no need to have a realistic plan for how students will get from place to place.  The itinerary needs to described, in some detail, telling where they will be and what they will be doing in the morning, afternoon and evening of each day.  It can either be formatted as a plan – listing what they will do, or as a diary – describing what they have done.  Here is an excerpt from the handout that was given to each student (and explained in detail to the while class) in early October.

Chapter 2 – ITINERARY          

            Now, you must plan your trip so you can experience as much as you can about the province or territory you are visiting.

            Task: Build an itinerary, a list of what you will do each day of your trip.
For each of the seven days of your trip include:


Where you will be each day?


List the things you will do in the morning, afternoon and evening each day”

Important note:

The key purpose of the assignment, besides helping students to learn about the provinces and territories of Canada, is help grow students’ abilities to plan and work independently. This is an important skill to develop, especially for those students going into middle school next year, and it is, therefore, a skill that will be taught, practiced and reinforced many times this year!

I have the “Discover Canada” duotangs to review.  Students will be given time in class tomorrow to plan their itinerary, though, as noted in yesterday’s blog, many students have already begun.

There is no formal homework for tonight.

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