Imax here we come!

You may remember that Nelson, one of our students, won a Times Colonist contest some time ago.  The prize was for free Imax movie passes for his class (and the adults who are with the students in the class)!

We will be going to see “Titans of the Ice Age” next Thursday, Nov. 28.  The show is at 10:00 am, but we have to be at the theater at 9:45.

I considered going by public bus but was told by the transit system that if the bus was full we would have to leave half of the class behind to wait for the next bus!  It also seems much to far to walk to and from the Provincial Museum.

Therefore, we will need parent drivers to take us to and from the theater!  We should leave, I think, at 9:15 or so.  The movie is 45 minutes long, so pick up at the theater should be around 11:00.

I’ll send a form home about this tomorrow, but if you would like to take a group of kids both ways, please just send in a note with your child tomorrow (Tuesday).  Your car insurance will need to be to up to date.  You are welcome to attend the show too!  I have arranged with Imax to offer accompanying parents the discounted group rate of $9.10 (includes tax) per adult.

This is a great way to celebrate the work the children have done on their “Discover Canada” projects – thanks Nelson!!

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