Some homework, some news… (Tues, Nov 19)

I’ve noticed that students often forget to add punctuation to their written work, so we will be focusing on that as a writing skill for the next little while.  On that note, tonight’s homework is to complete a simple worksheet on capitalization.  We’ve been working on this in class this week.

As well, two handouts were given out today, the marked “Og” final reading test and the permission form for the Imax field trip that was announced on this blog last night.  These should be in the homework duotang, and in the plastic envelope in the front of the agenda book.

The permission form includes a tear-off that needs to be returned ASAP.

The Og test provides a snapshot of student reading and writing (as some of the answers required a written response).  Of course, the Language Art grade that appears in the term report card represents much more that a single test grade.  It is a compilation of the student’s listening, speaking, spelling, reading and writing throughout the term.