Homework: Jan 7 (2014!)

*  We are continuing our Science unit on weather.  Tonight students have been asked to bring to class tomorrow one weather report from somewhere in the world.  It can be a webpage print out, a cut out from the newspaper, an email to me, whatever….

* A small experiment was presented in class at the end of the day.  Students were also asked to speculate and write 2 or three sentences how they think the results were achieved.  They aren’t meant to do research or write up a big essay – just think about the experiment for a few moments and write down their thoughts.  Just how did that cardboard stay stuck to the glass!?!?!

* Tomorrow we will also have our usual Wednesday Spelling “Mock” test.

Reminder: For those who are interested, Scholastic book orders are being collected over the next few days….


Happy New Year Everyone!!

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