Our class is starting an exciting new project – The Heritage Project!

This year is Margaret Jenkins School Centennial year!  In honour of that our class, and Ms Cairns class, will be investigating and reporting on the history of the times between 1914 (the year EMJS was opened) and 2014!!

The classes  have already met and planned what themes they would like to explore.  They have formed into teams of ten (made up of students from both classes).  The teams will study history in 20 year blocks (which we are calling a “Duocade” it’s our made up name for a twenty year period.  We couldn’t find the actual name for two decades).  They have already selected which “Duocade” they want to study too!

Today the class was introduced to the blog we will use to store research notes, writing and project resources (e.g. photos, website links, videos, music, etc), and, to communicate about the project.  Each student has their own blog.

All blog postings and comments will be moderated by the teacher before being put on the blog.

All of the blogs are also password protected! 

If you would like to see what’s being posted, ask your child to show you how to see the blogs using their own personal password.

To visit the blog for the Heritage Project, click >  www.kidblog.org/edcamp4kids

The Heritage Project is generating some excitement in the district as well.  Though we have only just begun, already we have been invited to present about this project to the Victoria School Board – on Monday night.  Pending permission from their parents, a number of students from the class have volunteered to be presenters!!

Exciting times!!

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