Homework, March 31

Over the last few days the class has been working hard to prepare to work on their independently selected research reports.  They all have a research report duotang with many pages of info about the project, including deadlines, guidelines, a form for recording the references they use for taking notes (which will be used later to help them to create a bibliography), and much more!

Today the class worked to estimate the time it would take to do each of the jobs needed to get to the stage of completing their draft report.  This task ended with the students planning the work they needed to do every week night ( and weekends) to reach their first big goal – the completion of their note gathering! You should see the results of this planning in their homework duotang.  All of the students made a personal decision about how long they needed to work.

Please sign their duotangs every day to confirm they have worked that night!

Their homework for tonight is to take notes (i.e. Make point form notes from their research, in their own words)

BTW – Students will be given about an hour each day to take notes in class too.  It is not at all expected that they will complete this project at home.  The homework on the project is meant to be a supplement to the work on the report that we will be doing in school.

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