Glogster! What’s Glogster?

We are moving in our EMJS heritage project toward preparing students to find ways to present the historical information they are gathering.  “Glogster” is one tool for doing this.  It is a web-based way for students to create an online, interactive poster.  The poster can contain photos, graphics, videos, drawings and even links to other websites.  Today the class was introduced to this tool and got to to see another class in action using it.

To give our class some practice in using this, before it’s time to use if for the history project, students have been given an assignment.  They can finish it by next week. 

Each student now has a Glogster account (managed by the teacher). The assignment is for them to use Glogster to teach something they know about or something they know how to do.  No research is required.  The expectation is that on the Glogster poster made by each student there will be a minimum of:
– a photo
– a graphic
– a drawing
– a YouTube video (relevant to what the student is teaching)
– a paragraph or so of text written by the student
– a link to another website or other web based resource

Again, each student has been given a user name and password.  Students without access to a home computer will be given first priority at school.