Clear cover duotangs….

that’s how we’re asking to cover the final good copies of the research reports.  (These can be found in office and stationary supply stores for about $2)

That way, when they sit on the table outside, everyone can see what the report is about.  That way, the cool handmade covers the kids are making can inspire others to pick up and read the reports!

A reminder that the guidelines for the good copies of the reports are in the reports notetaking duotangs.  Basically, typed reports should have 1″ margins.  The font should be 12 pt, with 14 pt headings.  Line spacing should be 1 to 1.5. Handwritten (or hand printed) reports may have a few neatly crossed out or whited out errors per page (to avoid having students rewrite a whole page because of one or two misspellings).

Report good copies are due this Wednesday.  They are late after that and will be marked so.  Reports more than three school days late from Wednesday will have five points deducted from their final grade for every day they are late after those three days.

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