Welcome to another school year!

A few points of information first…..

•  If you are wondering about the school supplies list, it is on the EMJS website HERE

•  Each student was given an Agenda book today.  Inside of the front plastic envelope is a letter about the Agenda book, and a letter about making our classroom a hazelnut-free zone, for the health and safety of one our students who is severely allergic to hazelnuts.

You are invited to check this website on occasion to find out more about the class and what we are doing.  If you like, you can subscribe to the site.  That way you can receive emailed updates when the site has changed. There is a link for this on the right sidebar of the site.

For now, we welcome you and your child to our classroom family.  We’re looking forward to an exciting, learning filled year!!

Have a click around the blog – explore!!