Yes, Gr 4 and 5 students will have homework this year!  In first term, homework will be assigned from Monday to Thursday.  Most of the time it will be designed to either support what going on in the class, or to introduce concepts that will be further covered in class.

Today, students made a “Homework duotang”.  It is red and should go back & forth between home and school every day.  You’ll find in the front of this duotang a general list of expectations for how the homework should be done.  These can be applied to every assignment.  Feel free to refer to them with your child as he or she works!  BTW, homework should last anywhere from about 10 to 40 minutes.  If it consistently takes longer than that, please contact the teacher!

At the moment, we are focusing on building an understanding of the basic needs and skills for studying.  Tonight students have a checklist in their homework binder.  They are to check the box if they can answer “yes” to an item, and then complete the brief writing assignment at the bottom of the worksheet.

BTW#2 – We use lots of duotangs in the class, each student needs to have about a dozen multi-colored duotangs, the ones that can clasp papers inside of them.

Onward!!  😉

Ask your child to show you how they can make molecules “scream”.  Maybe they’ll even be able to explain what’s going on!

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