A Science test was announced today.

The test, on Chapter One of the Forces & Motion unit in the Science textbook, will be on Thursday.

Over the last two weeks students have been preparing for the test by reading the text, participating in lessons, writing answers to questions in the text and joining class discussions.

Today a “Study Guide” was handed out for the test.  Over the long weekend, students should begin to complete the two page study guide – using the notes on Chapter One that are in their Science exercise books, and the Science textbook.

We will, or course, also continue to review the material in class!

Here you will find some additional online material useful studying.  This material was made by the publishers of the textbook.

And here is a sample test for Chapter One, again made by the publishers of the textbook.

BTW – The Science textbooks MUST return on Monday, so that the students can use them in class!

FYI – Copied from the chalkboard, here are all of the assignments the students should have completed on Chapter One to date:


PS – Monday is Pajama Day at the school!

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