The homework for the next little while is …

… for students to research information on their self selected research report topics, and then to take notes about what they have learned! Students have been coached to organize their notes by writing one topic or question at the top of a lined sheet of paper.  Each note, written in point form, should be added to its corresponding topic or question.  There should be one page for each topic or question the student wants to learn about. The topics or questions can come from their MindMap, WonderTree or even from a student’s own ideas.  Recording notes in this way will lead the report to almost “write itself”.  Setting up this method of note organization was one of the student’s tasks during class on Thursday.

Later, students will be taught how to turn their notes into paragraphs.  For now, students have been guided to use their own words when they write their notes.  One way they have been taught to do this is to read just one paragraph from their research selection. Then they should away from the reading, try to remember what they just read, and then write that down in their own words.  They can go back to the paragraph over and over again to find more information if they need.

Students have been given a block or two every day last week (and today) to work on their notes and/or learn different skills for writing reports.  Daily class time to take notes will continue.  Students have also been told to work every night on their note taking.  As of today most students have 2 or 3 pages of notes.  Some have over 6 pages.

As noted in the timeline that went home weeks ago, notes are due Wednesday, April 22nd.