If you don’t know where else to look for info on your research topic…

Our librarian, Ms. Maddern, has been assisting the class by teaching research skills, coaching individual students, and providing extra time in the library and computer lab for our class to work on their research reports.  In a recent lesson, she offered a variety of ways for students to find the information they are looking for.  Here’s a summary of her ideas:


As well, on the right sidebar of this blog, under the title of “Research Tools”, I’ve prepared a list of over 15 links to online research sources for students.

Every day the class is given a period or two to do their work.  Their homework last week, over the long Easter weekend, and this week is to take “notes, notes, notes, notes, notes, notes”!

All notes are due next Wednesday, April 22nd!!

Already, some students have handed in their completed notes and started to write their draft reports (or are almost ready to do so)!!!

The excitement is building!!!!