Welcome everyone to our new school year!

We’re very pleased to have had our 1st official day together.  I’m sure it will be another great year.

Students have been given their agenda books – there is a letter in the front pocket about these books.

And there is homework tonight! Students have been asked to write (or print) about anytime they learned something… outside of school.  (After all, learning doesn’t just happen at school!)  They have been asked to write a rough, unedited draft (which will not be marked).  I’m curious to see how their “raw” writing will flow.  This homework is due tomorrow.

In first term there will be homework almost every night, but Friday (and the weekends of course).  It should take about a 1/2 hour.  If it regularly takes more, please let me know!

BTW, if school supplies have been purchased, tomorrow is the time to bring them in.

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