Federal Election 2015 – Homework

On Friday the class will participate in a nationwide election experience when they “vote” in a mock national election being held at EMJS!  See Student Vote! for more info.

To prepare students for this, the homework for tonight asks students to identify their own riding, the parties and candidates running in their riding, and, some of the issues that have been presented in the national Canadian election.

To assist students in their research and work tonight, here are some links:

• To find out how the parties stand on issues important to you: Pollenize

• To figure out what riding you are in: Elections Canada: Ridings

• To find out the candidates running in your riding:  Elections Canada: Candidates (Hint: Type your postal code into the page!)

As well as joining in a mock national election on Friday, on Monday October 19th (the date of the actual election), students in our class will be having a hands-on election experience as they participate in a simulation/role playing day in the classroom.  They will be forming classroom parties, creating party platforms on issues and interests related to EJMS, campaigning in the class, voting, forming a classroom government, running a parliament and attempting to pass bills.  Should be an awesome day!

Oh, and BTW – there is no spelling homework this week!!