On Monday we will elect a government…

… both in Canada, and in our classroom!


In our classroom, regular lessons will mostly be cancelled for the day as the students form “political parties”, elect leaders for their parties, create party platforms about student life in our classroom and in Margaret Jenkins School, make things and prepare for the election campaign, run election campaigns, and participate in a classroom election.

After the election, the classroom will be formed into a mock House of Commons where the students will propose, write, debate and vote upon “laws” and a budget proposed by the elected parties.

It should be an amazing, and highly educational, day!!

Some students have been so excited about this that they wanted to begin preparing over the weekend. This is great – but is purely voluntary. Students are not assigned to work on this on the weekend!

Some guidelines for the election campaign were posted and discussed in the classroom on Friday. Here they are.

First of all, students do not have to form or join a classroom political party – they can just be “citizens”. In fact, we need citizens or the election is likely to become skewed.   🙂

Guidelines for the campaign include the option to make all, some or none of these items (for each party, even a party with just one member). No other items are allowed to be included in the campaign:
• 2 election posters, on legal sized paper
• 1 super-sized election poster (paper to be supplied on Monday)
• a campaign song
• a campaign slogan
• a campaign logo
• a banner (made of 11 x 17 paper and only displayed during the debate)
• a 30 second video or slide show (if student faces appear in these, they can only be shown in the classroom, not online or in public)
• up to 20 copies of a handout or brochure (made on regular sized paper. They can be photocopied at school. Remember that we do not have a color photocopier.)
• up to 4 campaign flags (made on regular sized, or smaller, sized paper)
• up to 15 campaign “buttons” (circular, likely made of paper?)
• 1 extra campaign strategy (that does not reward, or appear to reward, someone for agreeing to vote for a particular party)

Each party will be required to appoint someone in their party (not necessarily the leader) to give a 1 minute speech and participate in a campaign debate. Different people can give the speech or join in the debate.

All citizens (including party members!) have the right to vote for whatever party they wish. No rewards are to be offered as an incentive to get citizens to vote for a particular party.

Posters, songs, logo, handouts, brochures, flags and buttons can only be displayed during the time limited campaign period. Posters can only be displayed on the identified bulletin board. Banners can only be displayed during the speeches and the debate. Their will be a set time for showing the videos and slide shows as well. Not adhering to any of these guidelines may result in the removal of the offending political party from the election!

Oh, and let’s have fun!!!!