“Un-Birthday”? What’s an “Un-Birthday”?

Quite some time ago the class voted to celebrate everyone’s birthday – on a day when no one is having a birthday! We’re calling it the “Un-Birthday”. We’re doing this so that everyone in class, even those whose birthdays fall in the summer or on a school holiday, can celebrate their birthday in class.   For some reason the class chose Friday, May 13th as the date for our “Un-Birthday”!

On that day, students are preparing to bring to class deserts that are birthday-like – cupcakes, muffins, cookies, cakes, brownies, etc. Drinks, veggie, fruit and/or cheese plates are welcome too! There is no need for everyone to bring enough for 28 children. A dozen or so items it just fine. And please remember that we try to be a “peanut free” zone.

It’s going to be fun – and a “Happy Un-birthday to You, too! ”