Is there a “2Do” list for the research website?

Of course!  Students are working on this project in class, but they are also expected to work on it every school night, and sometime over the weekend too.

So, what should they do?

1.)  Write a catchy, informative introduction on the homepage of their website.

2.) Add a new, blank webpage for every topic, subject, chapter and/or question that they have on their note taking blogs.

3.) Also make a new blank page entitled “Summary”.  (They should write this page last.  I guide them in class for how to do this.)

4.) Open their KidBlog account in a web browser.  Open a second tab in their browser for their website.  Start copy and pasting content from their blog into the relevant webpage on their website.

5.) Start hand making original informative art, graphics and photos to include on their webpages.

6.) Add media to accompany the text on their webpages.

How to do all of this is being taught in class….

Important Notes:

* Students are allowed to change the “page layouts” on any of their webpages, except for the Home (or Introduction) page.  
* No students should be changing the graphics in the header  of their website.
* Student last names, identifying personal information or photos and videos with student faces must not be included on the website.
* Students may continue  to do research on their research topics and make notes in their blogs.