Homework: Monday, Sept 12

Hi everyone, and welcome back!  I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon.  I’m sure it’s going to be a great year!!

FYI – The homework for tonight is for the kids to create a wordfind puzzle using the words from their spelling list.  It should be in a red duotang labeled “Homework”. For most students, that is where there homework will be every night we have homework (In first term, there is no homework on Friday BTW). Be sure your son or daughter writes the letters clearly on the sheet, as another student it going to try to solve the wordfind tomorrow in class!

Usually there are spelling words for homework on Mondays.  On Wednesdays, the students will be given a “mock” test.  If they get a perfect score, they can sip Friday’s “real” test!

I ask the students to write their homework assignment, and other notes for home, in their Agenda books.  I try to also write this on our blog, but the Agenda is always the first place to look.  The students will be reminded to write in it every day.  It’s up to them to do so!

A friendly reminder – please complete and return the school information/computer technology use forms ASAP.  We need them confirmed to get going on some of the learning activities we have planned.  Thanks!

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