We are just starting to…

…think about a topic we like to learn about for our third term major research reports.  It’s very early days for this long term (mostly in-school) project.

At this stage, the students have been asked to consider what topic they might like to investigate and eventually write about.  They have been invited to select something they most want to learn about.  It is truly meant to be their own choice.  The only provisos are that they chose a topic they don’t know too much about, that the topic have enough information in books and on the web for them to be able to work on it, and, that the topic not be too broad or too narrow.

Students have only been presented with this yesterday.  Tonight for homework they are to list things they would like to learn about their possible research topic!

A heads up for you… tomorrow the artist is returning to work with the class on creating their contributions to the school’s PAC legacy art project.  It will involve working with paper mache!  Students were asked on Monday to write in their agendas that they need to bring tomorrow newspaper (or some such) to cover their desktops, a round plastic container the size of a large cottage cheese, yogurt or ice cream container, and, to wear clothes they don’t mind getting messy in.  The artist tells us it’ll be quite the messy afternoon!

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