The class will soon have a chance to experience true soapstone carving!

On Thursday of next week, we have arranged for instructor Kent Laforme to offer a 90 minute lesson on stone carving!  For a nominal $10 fee, students are “provided a pre-cut soapstone shape and are guided through a step-by-step carving process.  The carving is done using water to eliminate dust.  There is limited set-up and carvings are finished the same day.”

Here is a link to more information:

And here is the EMJS link for parents to direct pay to the school for the soap stone kit:

No student will be deprived access to this school learning experience due to financial considerations.  Please confidentially contact the office should assistance be required.

Of course, this experience can only be available to students who will be in the class on the day the event is offered – as that’s when the instructor is there.

Here are some samples of what the final project: