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Mr T is retired!

After teaching for 40 years, Mr T retired on December 31, 2017!!

Upcoming events for this week & next…There are lots!!

  •  You’re invited to attend our EMJS Winter concert @ 1:15 pm, either this Tuesday or this Wednesday, in the school gym. Hope you can make it – I think you’ll find it charming and heartwarming!
  • This Thursday, the Grade 4 and 5 students will be presenting their projects at our “Discover Canada Fair” in the gym. You’re all invited to come and take a look at all their hard work. The launch will be at 10:40. If you are unable to come at 10:40, feel free to drop-in anytime between 10:40 – 11:50 or 12:50 – 2:00.
  • Monday of next week many classes, including ours, are taking a school bus to enjoy the movie “Wonder”!
  • Wednesday of next week the class voted to have a “Secret Santa” party.  A notice went home on Friday about it. We will also test out our kid-made cars that day!
  • The last day of school (for 2017 😉 is Friday, December 22.

On Thursday it’s nobody’s birthday, so we’re celebrating.

It’s finally arrived!  Thursday this week is the day we celebrate everyone’s birthday – because it’s not anyone’s birthday (shades of Alice in Wonderland)

Here’s the notice that went home today:

“Dear Parent,
Quite some time ago the class voted to celebrate everyone’s birthday  – on a day when no one is having a birthday!  We’re calling it the “Un-Birthday”.  We’re doing this so that everyone in class, even those whose birthdays fall in the summer or on a school holiday, can celebrate their birthday in class.   The class chose this Thursday, November 23rd as the date for our “Un-Birthday”!
On that day, students are preparing to bring to class deserts that are birthday-like – cupcakes, muffins, cookies, cakes, brownies, etc.  Drinks, veggie, fruit and/or cheese plates are welcome too!  There is no need for everyone to bring enough for all of the children.  A dozen or so items it just fine – and this is a voluntary activity.  It’s up to  individual students if they wish to participate.
It’s going to be fun –
and a “Happy Un-birthday to You, too! ”



Monday is individual photo day!

Say che-e-e-se!

Class photo day is Monday!


Student-Led Conferences are next Thursday!

On Thursday, April 27th, our students will welcome parents into the classroom to tour some of the work they have done recently. The conferences will be organized as an “Open House”. Between 1:00 and 5:00 parents are invited to “drop in” with their child. All of our classroom parents are invited to come with their child whenever it is convenient. Once here, the student will lead the parent in a number of learning activities. The idea is give parents a small taste of an average day in the class. It should be fun, as well as informative. Join us!

What do you get when you combine 150+ students…

… many weeks of hard work, a child’s natural curiosity, and a wealth of questions?


You are invited to come to the Margaret Jenkins gym on Tuesday (from 9:50 to 2:15) and
enjoy over 150 displays of kid-made science experiments during our exciting all-school science themed extravaganza.  

Throughout the day classes, parents and members of the greater community will be coming to tour the displays and meet our student scientists.  Every grade four and five French and English class has participated.  The students have worked very hard and are proud of what they have accomplished.  It should be an exciting day.  

We hope you can join us!


The class will soon have a chance to experience true soapstone carving!

On Thursday of next week, we have arranged for instructor Kent Laforme to offer a 90 minute lesson on stone carving!  For a nominal $10 fee, students are “provided a pre-cut soapstone shape and are guided through a step-by-step carving process.  The carving is done using water to eliminate dust.  There is limited set-up and carvings are finished the same day.”

Here is a link to more information:

And here is the EMJS link for parents to direct pay to the school for the soap stone kit:

No student will be deprived access to this school learning experience due to financial considerations.  Please confidentially contact the office should assistance be required.

Of course, this experience can only be available to students who will be in the class on the day the event is offered – as that’s when the instructor is there.

Here are some samples of what the final project:

Reminder to students…

Please remember to “share” your new website for our Social Studies project with Mr T ASAP!!

To  do this, open your Chrome browser, access your “” email address to access your school Google account, go to your Google Drive, select your website, click the blue “share” button on the top right and add Mr T’s school email address: (as you start to type it in, it should come up automatically).

Thanks!  🙂

PS The homework is to work some more on the SS websites, and to study for Friday’s spelling test.

We are just starting to…

…think about a topic we like to learn about for our third term major research reports.  It’s very early days for this long term (mostly in-school) project.

At this stage, the students have been asked to consider what topic they might like to investigate and eventually write about.  They have been invited to select something they most want to learn about.  It is truly meant to be their own choice.  The only provisos are that they chose a topic they don’t know too much about, that the topic have enough information in books and on the web for them to be able to work on it, and, that the topic not be too broad or too narrow.

Students have only been presented with this yesterday.  Tonight for homework they are to list things they would like to learn about their possible research topic!

A heads up for you… tomorrow the artist is returning to work with the class on creating their contributions to the school’s PAC legacy art project.  It will involve working with paper mache!  Students were asked on Monday to write in their agendas that they need to bring tomorrow newspaper (or some such) to cover their desktops, a round plastic container the size of a large cottage cheese, yogurt or ice cream container, and, to wear clothes they don’t mind getting messy in.  The artist tells us it’ll be quite the messy afternoon!

Next Wednesday is the day…

…. of the class holiday party!

The note about it went home yesterday.  In any case you didn’t get a chance to see it, here’s a PDF for you:




For homework today, students were told about a spelling test coming Nov. 30th.  It is a review of many of the words they have already practiced studying in the last 6 weeks or so.  The idea is that repetition will help them to remember these words.  You should find a note about this in your child’s agenda.  Trouble is, I forgot to hand home the study list, so here it is: monster-review-test !

Of course, there is also a Science Quiz on Chapter 9 on Wednesday.  This was announced to the class last week.