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We’ll be using Google Slides soon for a project we’re working on…

… here’s an overview for the class to review some of it’s basic features.

Last week…

… a science quiz was announced in the class for this Wednesday.  The date for this should already have been written into the student agendas.  It’s on Chapter 8, “Adaptation”, in the textbook.  Students have the questions and answers written in their science duotangs, as well as some notes, and these are what they should study.  Look for the highlighted questions/answers, they are more likely to be on Wednesday’s quiz. We have already begun studying in class, and will do more this week!

Here’s a demo quiz on the chapter. Select the quiz for Chapter 8!

Homework 2night? Math Mania!!

Put together….
About 20 math program volunteers from the University of Victoria, interactive demonstrations, puzzles, games and art such as soap bubbles, ‘get your goat’ (Monty Hall game), the penny game, the Set Game, the ‘Game of 24’, kaleidoscopes and hexaflexagons, Nim, Tower of Hanoi, the amazing sorting network and many other mathematical puzzles, paradoxes & more…
and what do you get?


Tonight for homework students have been invited to drop-in to the EMJS gym between 6:30 and 8:00 to enjoy activities designed to demonstrate to children – and their parents – fun ways of learning both math and computer science concepts.

BTW – It’s free!

Want to find out more? Visit the math mania website.


Homework: Tues. Sept 21

After a lesson reviewing and underlining the importance of capitalizing names and the beginnings of sentences, tonight’s homework is to complete a practice worksheet on this skill.

BTW – The spelling word for this week were the “Og” words!

Reminder: Tomorrow evening @ 6:00 is “Meet the Creature Teacher” night.  Hope to see you then!

Homework: Monday, Sept 12

Hi everyone, and welcome back!  I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon.  I’m sure it’s going to be a great year!!

FYI – The homework for tonight is for the kids to create a wordfind puzzle using the words from their spelling list.  It should be in a red duotang labeled “Homework”. For most students, that is where there homework will be every night we have homework (In first term, there is no homework on Friday BTW). Be sure your son or daughter writes the letters clearly on the sheet, as another student it going to try to solve the wordfind tomorrow in class!

Usually there are spelling words for homework on Mondays.  On Wednesdays, the students will be given a “mock” test.  If they get a perfect score, they can sip Friday’s “real” test!

I ask the students to write their homework assignment, and other notes for home, in their Agenda books.  I try to also write this on our blog, but the Agenda is always the first place to look.  The students will be reminded to write in it every day.  It’s up to them to do so!

A friendly reminder – please complete and return the school information/computer technology use forms ASAP.  We need them confirmed to get going on some of the learning activities we have planned.  Thanks!

Reminder: It’s buddy morning at the beach tomorrow

Weather permitting we will be walking to Gonzales beach tomorrow with our class buddies, leaving the school around 9:30.

Please come dressed for the weather – directions are the same as for our Monday beach time.

We’ll get back to the school around 11:45.

Our plan is to have a scavenger hunt at the beach!



hello summer

There’s a time change for the GR 5 Camp Thunderbird field trip

GR 5 students need to arrive at the school BY 8:15am. The bus leaves at 8:30am!  Students will be returning to the school around 5:30pm.

A revised note about this went home on Friday.

A reminder and more details…

…. about our year end field trips.  A handout was sent home with students on Mondaywith more info about our end of year field trips.
If you are wondering when events begin and end, what students should bring with them,
which parents are helping the class on which days, etc.
see Monday’s detailed handout!



Are we doing anything to celebrate yearend?

Tons!  And today a letter went home about what we are doing!!

Please return the last page ASAP – we have a lot to plan!!!

BTW – Student homework continues to be working on their individual research websites.  Soon they will be launched for all to see….


Project due dates were announced today!

The research websites are due at the end of the school day on Wednesday, June 8th.  Students will be given time every day to work on their websites. They are also expected to work on them every evening for homework, and over the weekend.

The due date for the science display boards was also announced today, but that project is to be completed all during school hours.  The experiments and their display boards are due Friday, June 3rd.



Can I view my child’s website now?

When they are finished, they will be available to the world to enjoy!

For now, though, they are only viewable by the teacher and the student author of each website – as they are still in progress.

If you’re curious, ask your child to show you what (and how!) they are doing on his or her website.