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Trying to take notes from a paragraph you’re reading?

Here are some easy suggestions for finding the key points in a paragraph.  

Key points can be turned into notes!

A song about measuring perimeter and area? Sure, why not!

Zach King on April Fool’s Day…

We’ll be using Google Slides soon for a project we’re working on…

… here’s an overview for the class to review some of it’s basic features.

Art in Math?

Math is everywhere?

Math is in doodles

Math is in nature

Our Terry Fox Run is tomorrow!

Here’s a news video about Terry…

What is “GAFE”? (Google Apps for Education) Here’s an intro in 101 seconds.

Want to learn more?
Visit Here.

Are you kidding? A rap song about where capitals go in a sentence!?!

What’s the ideal homework study space?

The homework for Wednesday (the 14th) is to consider the answer to this question.  Students are encouraged to have a brief discussion with parents about their study habits, using the study skills checklist handout as a guide (Look in your child’s homework duotang).  Then, after considering the tip sheet of things that might be useful for studying, students are asked to draw an “improved” version of their own study space at home – on the back of the tip sheet.  The drawings should be in colour, labeled and drawn from a bird’s eye (or a drone’s eye!) view.  It’s a map of your ideal home study place – fun!

And here are 9 scientifically proven tips for studying: