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The human brain is amazing…

And if you want to know more about the woman scientist in the video,
here is her story, via a TedTalk presentation.

Is our class joining “Hour of Code”? (And what is it anyway?)

Yes, we are!!

What is it? See here:

More to come soon……

Today we had a lesson on rounding numbers…

….and the homework was a worksheet to practice this.

If you’re unclear how to round up numbers, maybe this video will help!

Or this one…

OK.  Here’s one more. Yo!

Which is your fav?

How to make 3D shapes with a pencil and pen…

Student Vote 2015 Summary Results – With the CBC’s Peter Mansbridge

Should you vote in Monday’s Canadian federal election?

Why Autumn Leaves Change Color…

In case you were wondering! 🙂

What are the basic types of government? A super-short video.

Still shaky about finding a number’s “place value”?

Try this video!

Or these place value songs.  (Yes, songs!!)

How you & the world have changed since you were born!

It’s interactive, it’s online, it’s by the BBC.

(Best viewed on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 10 and above)

Find out where you were when the Earth was turning…

This is for the “Happy” class of 2014-15….

They know why 😉

I don’t quite know how they did this…..