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Bored? Need something new2do over the summer?

Try building… 


(Hint: It’s a handmade motorized flying drone!)

When do you give up?

There’s life online & then, there’s life.

It all depends on your point of view.

Enjoy this 5 min. animation. It’s funny & original.

13 Billion Years of the Universe in a four minutes

Here is a newly made computer simulation of the birth of the entire universe…

Science is just so darn much fun!

On April 5th we visited Jeremy Herndl’s artist studio…

We learned about what artist does,
had an in-depth explanation of Jeremy’s art all around us,
and made our own color wheels.

Did you know that all the colors in the universe come from three basic colors?

Visit our class to watch the video.
Discover which three they are!



Who needs musical instruments? Who needs words to sing?

Murmurations. What’s that? Something amazing…

Maybe the biggest tree in the world? It’s 3,200 years old.

To prepare ourselves for our own field trip to see Old Growth trees,
enjoy this video from National Geographic:

If we can find balance, there is much we can achieve…

Today’s History Question – #1

What is “Boogie Woogie” and when was it popular?

OK, History Blog kids – figure out which “duocade” it was in and add it!

Here’s a modern example of it:

And here’s another from the old days!