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There is a new spelling sheet for homework this week.

The spelling quiz will be on Thursday, as Friday is a professional development day.

No spelling quiz this week!

Tonight, the homework is to review place value using a support worksheet.

Also, all of the dates for swimming and skating have been sent home via a letter/permission form!

Keep on studying…

… for Tuesday’s Canadian geography quiz – that’s your homework!

Today is World Ballet Day!

Today only.

See world class live ballet rehearsals & choreography from around the globe – click here: World Ballet Day

Sept 4 Homework

To help students study for Tuesday’s socials quiz, tonight students are to go through their study materials & find 8 or more questions and answers to make into mini flash cards for our studying game we will all play tomorrow!

Sept 3-Homework

There is a SS quiz on basic Canadian geography on Tuesday. The class was told what could be on the quiz yesterday. They took notes on this, in their SS duotangs.

Their homework tonight is to use their completed SS worksheets in their duotangs to find the answers to the study guide questions ie Their homework is to study for Tuesday’s quiz!

PS There is also a spelling mock test tomorrow.

Spelling Homework

Complete the worksheet that was handed out to everyone this afternoon. Mock spelling test on Wednesday.

Homework: Sept 26

The homework for Monday night was to complete List#2 of spelling words for “Bridge to Terabithia”. That worksheet was accesses via the Google app “Classroom “.

Tonight’s homework is:

1) study yesterday spelling words for Wednesday’s spelling test

2) complete the two page worksheet on place value of that was handed out in class this afternoon.

Spelling quiz tomorrow!

Students who do not get perfect on their “mock test” should study their spelling words for the quiz tomorrow. That is the only homework for tonight.


The spelling mock tests have been handed out and students should have put them in their homework duotangs.

Homework – September 12

This is due on Thursday! Imagine the perfect school. What would you most like to learn at the school? What would your classroom look like? What would the school look like? How would you learn? Who would teach you?

Tonight’s assignment is to use the two page worksheet to invent your idea of the perfect learning experience at school.

Monday homework!

Students have a red duotang for storing their homework. Tonight students are to create a word find puzzle using the words on the worksheet now in their red homework duptang. It’s due Tuesday morning!


The class will have homework most nights, except on Fridays. Sometimes the homework will be on a worksheet, sometimes it will use this blog, sometimes it will involve one or more of the set of Google apps that the school district provides students for free (with signed permission forms from parents)

Tonight’s homework:

Write about a time you learned something exciting – outside of school! Don’t correct any mistakes. Try to do the best writing you can right out of your head and onto the paper! The worksheet that was handed out for homework explains more.