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50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4!

Bored this summer?

Try some of these ideas



Can you think of any to add?  Well, post a comment and tell us all!

461 new planets !?!?!

Actually, it’s even more than that!

See the news here.

Any thoughts about this?

Please comment…

The best recipes for kid-made food!

Do you have a favourite recipe you could share with us?
Help us build a  list of the best ideas for kid-made foods (deserts, snacks, diners, holiday treats, breakies, whatever!)

Just add a comment to this blog post.
1.) the recipe’s  name
2.) it’s ingredients, and
3.) a short description of how to make it.


Brilliantly Ridiculous Inventions

What do you have in mind?
Eliminate a problem, remove an inconvenience, squash an annoyance.

Sometimes the best solutions seem ridiculous because no one has ever thought of them before.

Be brave! Be Bold! Be original!

Or just be silly….

Ideas welcome here – Join in!!!!!

What should we name our class play?

The class has worked collaboratively to write an original 16 page play.  We finished the final team edit today and are now ready to begin working on its performance, but we don’t have a name for the play yet.

Share your best ideas!!

What are your ideas for an end-of-year field trip?

You must have a few!  Here’s the place to brainstorm & share ’em.
Hopefully we’ll get some great field trip ideas – and get to go on one of them in the last week of school!

A few brainstorming guidelines:
– Safety first!
– Your idea has to fit within the hours of a school day.
– Not to far away please (We have to be able to get there without having to rent a bus – and the trip there and back shouldn’t be too darn long!)
– Gotta be fun!!!

Go for it – what are your best ideas?

What should the next debate question be?

We’re looking for fresh ideas for debate topics!

Do you have one (or three)?

Come on, post ’em here!!

Looking for suggestions for this blog

Know any entertaining learning links could we add?

Have any suggestions for learning resources to include?

Ideas for new sections for the blog?

Any great info to share that we could post?

Let’s hear from you!  Just click “comments” and post.

(This post is moderated.)