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Reminder to students…

Please remember to “share” your new website for our Social Studies project with Mr T ASAP!!

To  do this, open your Chrome browser, access your “” email address to access your school Google account, go to your Google Drive, select your website, click the blue “share” button on the top right and add Mr T’s school email address: (as you start to type it in, it should come up automatically).

Thanks!  🙂

PS The homework is to work some more on the SS websites, and to study for Friday’s spelling test.

Project due dates were announced today!

The research websites are due at the end of the school day on Wednesday, June 8th.  Students will be given time every day to work on their websites. They are also expected to work on them every evening for homework, and over the weekend.

The due date for the science display boards was also announced today, but that project is to be completed all during school hours.  The experiments and their display boards are due Friday, June 3rd.



Can I view my child’s website now?

When they are finished, they will be available to the world to enjoy!

For now, though, they are only viewable by the teacher and the student author of each website – as they are still in progress.

If you’re curious, ask your child to show you what (and how!) they are doing on his or her website.

When is the research website due?

The due date will be announced this week.  I am watching to see how well kids take to the website building tool. So far, most have responded superbly and seem to be quickly understanding well how it works.

The due date will be posted on this website after it has been announced in class.

Is there a “2Do” list for the research website?

Of course!  Students are working on this project in class, but they are also expected to work on it every school night, and sometime over the weekend too.

So, what should they do?

1.)  Write a catchy, informative introduction on the homepage of their website.

2.) Add a new, blank webpage for every topic, subject, chapter and/or question that they have on their note taking blogs.

3.) Also make a new blank page entitled “Summary”.  (They should write this page last.  I guide them in class for how to do this.)

4.) Open their KidBlog account in a web browser.  Open a second tab in their browser for their website.  Start copy and pasting content from their blog into the relevant webpage on their website.

5.) Start hand making original informative art, graphics and photos to include on their webpages.

6.) Add media to accompany the text on their webpages.

How to do all of this is being taught in class….

Important Notes:

* Students are allowed to change the “page layouts” on any of their webpages, except for the Home (or Introduction) page.  
* No students should be changing the graphics in the header  of their website.
* Student last names, identifying personal information or photos and videos with student faces must not be included on the website.
* Students may continue  to do research on their research topics and make notes in their blogs.


How will the research websites be marked?

Today our hardworking class was introduced to the Marking Matrix for their Research Websites.  Each student was given a copy on pink paper (unless they were in Track & Field – they will get their copy tomorrow) and we reviewed all of the requirements.

Here is a PDF of the

LEARN ABOUT STUFF: KidMade Websites, Part 2.

With instructional help from Mr. T,
students in Mrs. Cairn’s 2011 grade five class made websites!  

They imagined their websites were part of an online kid’s magazine.
Students picked topics they thought other kids would like to read about.

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games 2

Doctor Who


Manga Magnificent

☻☺Fun Facts☺☻



Pugs 2

Colors & Art

Video Game Reviews (VGR)

V.G.R 2

Cute Dogs


Frozen Treats!

Cute Kitties

Gamer 2011


LEARN ABOUT STUFF: Websites made by Intermediate students

First the students picked topics of their own choice,
then they wrote b-i-i-i-g research reports,
finally they built websites to highlight some of the things they learned.
And now they are for you to enjoy.
Click a link & explore!

Inside the Apple – All About New York City



The World of Ballet

The Invasion of Grenada

the three skat-ateers


French Bulldog/English Bulldog

The Amazing History of Lego

Rock Climbing

Alaska’s Artists

It’s Baking Time!!!

Chocolate and Gum


The Cook Islands


The Land of the Long White Cloud


Las Vegas


About Girl Guides



Greek Mythology



Lamborghini – The Supercar Legend