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A song about measuring perimeter and area? Sure, why not!

The times facts are coming! The times facts are coming!!

On Monday, students performed a times fact pre-test to determine the accuracy and speed of their basic times facts recall.  That sheet went home Monday night, in their homework duotang.

Today, students were given time to prepare flash cards of the facts they either did not know or did not know quickly enough.  They have been coached to study their facts for just five to ten minutes every night – seven days a week!  Hopefully, they will be able to tell you how they are to be studying, as we reviewed and practiced that today!

Students will be randomly tested on their times facts recall over the next few weeks, to encourage them to practice seriously.  We will also practice time facts in class, of course.

And soon, we will all be practicing long form multiplication!  🙂

Art in Math?

Math is everywhere?

Math is in doodles

Math is in nature

Today we had a lesson on rounding numbers…

….and the homework was a worksheet to practice this.

If you’re unclear how to round up numbers, maybe this video will help!

Or this one…

OK.  Here’s one more. Yo!

Which is your fav?

Still shaky about finding a number’s “place value”?

Try this video!

Or these place value songs.  (Yes, songs!!)

2 songs about…. place value!?!?!

Which do you like?  Click the “comment ” button above and add your vote!

#1.)  Mr. R’s Place Value song:


#2.)  “Rocking the Standards” place value song:


Rounding to the thousands place…

This is a short video narrated by kids