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Upcoming events for this week & next…There are lots!!

  •  You’re invited to attend our EMJS Winter concert @ 1:15 pm, either this Tuesday or this Wednesday, in the school gym. Hope you can make it – I think you’ll find it charming and heartwarming!
  • This Thursday, the Grade 4 and 5 students will be presenting their projects at our “Discover Canada Fair” in the gym. You’re all invited to come and take a look at all their hard work. The launch will be at 10:40. If you are unable to come at 10:40, feel free to drop-in anytime between 10:40 – 11:50 or 12:50 – 2:00.
  • Monday of next week many classes, including ours, are taking a school bus to enjoy the movie “Wonder”!
  • Wednesday of next week the class voted to have a “Secret Santa” party.  A notice went home on Friday about it. We will also test out our kid-made cars that day!
  • The last day of school (for 2017 😉 is Friday, December 22.

The homework for the rest of the week…

…is not spelling.

It’s to practice multiplication facts for 5 minutes a day, and, to hunt for point form facts (re-written in your own words) about your Canadian province or territory for your Vacation Project.  See your Vacation Project handout for details on the kinds of information you are to be hunting down.!

What do you get when you combine 150+ students…

… many weeks of hard work, a child’s natural curiosity, and a wealth of questions?


You are invited to come to the Margaret Jenkins gym on Tuesday (from 9:50 to 2:15) and
enjoy over 150 displays of kid-made science experiments during our exciting all-school science themed extravaganza.  

Throughout the day classes, parents and members of the greater community will be coming to tour the displays and meet our student scientists.  Every grade four and five French and English class has participated.  The students have worked very hard and are proud of what they have accomplished.  It should be an exciting day.  

We hope you can join us!


The class will soon have a chance to experience true soapstone carving!

On Thursday of next week, we have arranged for instructor Kent Laforme to offer a 90 minute lesson on stone carving!  For a nominal $10 fee, students are “provided a pre-cut soapstone shape and are guided through a step-by-step carving process.  The carving is done using water to eliminate dust.  There is limited set-up and carvings are finished the same day.”

Here is a link to more information:

And here is the EMJS link for parents to direct pay to the school for the soap stone kit:

No student will be deprived access to this school learning experience due to financial considerations.  Please confidentially contact the office should assistance be required.

Of course, this experience can only be available to students who will be in the class on the day the event is offered – as that’s when the instructor is there.

Here are some samples of what the final project:

Reminder to students…

Please remember to “share” your new website for our Social Studies project with Mr T ASAP!!

To  do this, open your Chrome browser, access your “” email address to access your school Google account, go to your Google Drive, select your website, click the blue “share” button on the top right and add Mr T’s school email address: (as you start to type it in, it should come up automatically).

Thanks!  🙂

PS The homework is to work some more on the SS websites, and to study for Friday’s spelling test.

We’ll be using Google Slides soon for a project we’re working on…

… here’s an overview for the class to review some of it’s basic features.

Are we doing anything to celebrate yearend?

Tons!  And today a letter went home about what we are doing!!

Please return the last page ASAP – we have a lot to plan!!!

BTW – Student homework continues to be working on their individual research websites.  Soon they will be launched for all to see….


Can I view my child’s website now?

When they are finished, they will be available to the world to enjoy!

For now, though, they are only viewable by the teacher and the student author of each website – as they are still in progress.

If you’re curious, ask your child to show you what (and how!) they are doing on his or her website.

When is the research website due?

The due date will be announced this week.  I am watching to see how well kids take to the website building tool. So far, most have responded superbly and seem to be quickly understanding well how it works.

The due date will be posted on this website after it has been announced in class.

Is there a “2Do” list for the research website?

Of course!  Students are working on this project in class, but they are also expected to work on it every school night, and sometime over the weekend too.

So, what should they do?

1.)  Write a catchy, informative introduction on the homepage of their website.

2.) Add a new, blank webpage for every topic, subject, chapter and/or question that they have on their note taking blogs.

3.) Also make a new blank page entitled “Summary”.  (They should write this page last.  I guide them in class for how to do this.)

4.) Open their KidBlog account in a web browser.  Open a second tab in their browser for their website.  Start copy and pasting content from their blog into the relevant webpage on their website.

5.) Start hand making original informative art, graphics and photos to include on their webpages.

6.) Add media to accompany the text on their webpages.

How to do all of this is being taught in class….

Important Notes:

* Students are allowed to change the “page layouts” on any of their webpages, except for the Home (or Introduction) page.  
* No students should be changing the graphics in the header  of their website.
* Student last names, identifying personal information or photos and videos with student faces must not be included on the website.
* Students may continue  to do research on their research topics and make notes in their blogs.


How will the research websites be marked?

Today our hardworking class was introduced to the Marking Matrix for their Research Websites.  Each student was given a copy on pink paper (unless they were in Track & Field – they will get their copy tomorrow) and we reviewed all of the requirements.

Here is a PDF of the

The class has been working on their blog research notebooks for awhile…

… and now it’s time to take their work to the next level!

Today it was announced that each student will be making a full multi-media website about their research topic!!  Students will populate their individual websites with information and media that they have been posting to their blog research notebooks over the last month or so.  It’s time to turn all of those notes and draft paragraphs into “Research Websites”.

Today, students were introduced to some of the basic tools that are in the website building tool we plan to use for making the websites – Google’s free “Sites” app.  It’s part of the Google apps package that our school is moving towards.  The complete toolkit is called “Google Apps for Education” (GAFE) and it is a district-wide initiative that soon all Victoria schools will have access to.

This afternoon, all of the students were taught how to write a succinct and catchy introduction to their research website. They also worked to organize their research topics and questions into a logical order.  Students with access to an email account (their own or their parent’s) were also individually sent an “invitation” to become editors of their own websites (I had set up these up for them over the weekend). I believed that using the link in the email I sent to them would allow them to access and build their websites.

BTW – No students are to use their last names on the websites, to include personal information, or to post recognizable photos or videos of anyone on their websites.

I discovered today, though, that this particular tool only works with “Gmail” email accounts.  In other words, students with a Gmail email account (or access to an account sponsored by their parent) could begin work right away.  Today these students were able to add their introductions directly into their websites, and to begin building individual webpages for each of their research topics.  The other students wrote their introductions and organized their topics on paper, for now.

If parents are comfortable, it would be helpful if every student  in the class could have their own Gmail account  (or access to an account sponsored by their parent).  This is the easiest, tech-friendly, school district supported way to help students use the “Sites” app to make their research websites.  It (and the other “GAFE” tools) is a tool they will likely be using throughout their whole school career in the Victoria School District.  I would like my class to get started now, and help them become familiar with one of the tools in the GAFE suite!

For this project, however, students are not required to have a Gmail email account  (or access to an account sponsored by their parent).  For those parents who may not yet be comfortable with doing this, I will be able to provide students with some other means for building their websites.

No student will be denied the opportunity to build a website if they do not have a Gmail email account. And, again, no students will be allowed to use their last names on the websites, to include personal information, or to post recognizable photos or videos of anyone on their websites.

PS. Tomorrow I will be posting on this blog
the two page marking matrix for this exciting project.