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Upcoming events for this week & next…There are lots!!

  •  You’re invited to attend our EMJS Winter concert @ 1:15 pm, either this Tuesday or this Wednesday, in the school gym. Hope you can make it – I think you’ll find it charming and heartwarming!
  • This Thursday, the Grade 4 and 5 students will be presenting their projects at our “Discover Canada Fair” in the gym. You’re all invited to come and take a look at all their hard work. The launch will be at 10:40. If you are unable to come at 10:40, feel free to drop-in anytime between 10:40 – 11:50 or 12:50 – 2:00.
  • Monday of next week many classes, including ours, are taking a school bus to enjoy the movie “Wonder”!
  • Wednesday of next week the class voted to have a “Secret Santa” party.  A notice went home on Friday about it. We will also test out our kid-made cars that day!
  • The last day of school (for 2017 😉 is Friday, December 22.

What do you get when you combine 150+ students…

… many weeks of hard work, a child’s natural curiosity, and a wealth of questions?


You are invited to come to the Margaret Jenkins gym on Tuesday (from 9:50 to 2:15) and
enjoy over 150 displays of kid-made science experiments during our exciting all-school science themed extravaganza.  

Throughout the day classes, parents and members of the greater community will be coming to tour the displays and meet our student scientists.  Every grade four and five French and English class has participated.  The students have worked very hard and are proud of what they have accomplished.  It should be an exciting day.  

We hope you can join us!


Come on, Science is just darn cool!

How Many Science Experiments Can You Do in 30 Minutes?

Grover can do science. Can you?

Not clear about the “Scientific Method”? Check this out…

What’s the Scientific Method? Well, we’re going to do it soon so you better find out!

Homework 2night is…

…to study for tomorrow’s little Science quiz on Chapter 10 – using this link

Curious to learn more about adaptation?

Try this BBC website!



For homework today, students were told about a spelling test coming Nov. 30th.  It is a review of many of the words they have already practiced studying in the last 6 weeks or so.  The idea is that repetition will help them to remember these words.  You should find a note about this in your child’s agenda.  Trouble is, I forgot to hand home the study list, so here it is: monster-review-test !

Of course, there is also a Science Quiz on Chapter 9 on Wednesday.  This was announced to the class last week.

Last week…

… a science quiz was announced in the class for this Wednesday.  The date for this should already have been written into the student agendas.  It’s on Chapter 8, “Adaptation”, in the textbook.  Students have the questions and answers written in their science duotangs, as well as some notes, and these are what they should study.  Look for the highlighted questions/answers, they are more likely to be on Wednesday’s quiz. We have already begun studying in class, and will do more this week!

Here’s a demo quiz on the chapter. Select the quiz for Chapter 8!

Project due dates were announced today!

The research websites are due at the end of the school day on Wednesday, June 8th.  Students will be given time every day to work on their websites. They are also expected to work on them every evening for homework, and over the weekend.

The due date for the science display boards was also announced today, but that project is to be completed all during school hours.  The experiments and their display boards are due Friday, June 3rd.



The human brain is amazing…

And if you want to know more about the woman scientist in the video,
here is her story, via a TedTalk presentation.