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There’s a Science test on the human skeleton…

…next Thursday, Jan. 14th.  It’s chapter 6 in the textbook. Basically any of the Q & A in the student’s Science duotang for this chapter could be on the test.

Here is a link to help students to study the material!

Here’s what we accomplished for “Hour of Code”!

Here are thirty-seven of the first time coding projects that the class has posted to the “Showcase” at Tynker!

More to come…

#HourOfCode #TynkerShare


Is our class joining “Hour of Code”? (And what is it anyway?)

Yes, we are!!

What is it? See here:

More to come soon……

Why Autumn Leaves Change Color…

In case you were wondering! 🙂

What are the basic types of government? A super-short video.