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For homework today, students were told about a spelling test coming Nov. 30th.  It is a review of many of the words they have already practiced studying in the last 6 weeks or so.  The idea is that repetition will help them to remember these words.  You should find a note about this in your child’s agenda.  Trouble is, I forgot to hand home the study list, so here it is: monster-review-test !

Of course, there is also a Science Quiz on Chapter 9 on Wednesday.  This was announced to the class last week.

Last week…

… a science quiz was announced in the class for this Wednesday.  The date for this should already have been written into the student agendas.  It’s on Chapter 8, “Adaptation”, in the textbook.  Students have the questions and answers written in their science duotangs, as well as some notes, and these are what they should study.  Look for the highlighted questions/answers, they are more likely to be on Wednesday’s quiz. We have already begun studying in class, and will do more this week!

Here’s a demo quiz on the chapter. Select the quiz for Chapter 8!

There’s a Science test on the human skeleton…

…next Thursday, Jan. 14th.  It’s chapter 6 in the textbook. Basically any of the Q & A in the student’s Science duotang for this chapter could be on the test.

Here is a link to help students to study the material!

Homework: Nov 2

Students had a rare opportunity to spend some time working on their spelling homework in class today.  The homework is to finish that sheet.  As well, there is another SS test coming up on Thursday. Students will need to know the capitals of all of the provinces and territories of Canada.  Spelling (kand capitalization) counts!  As well, students will need to be able to place the capitals in their approximate location on a map….

There is an SS test on the election on Wednesday.

It was announced today.  Students were given a study guides for the test, asked to write the date in the Agenda books, and told to bring their SS duotangs home to study for the test over the (for them) long weekend.

As well, the first 60 point SS test was handed back marked today.  It also should be in the SS duotang.

A study guide went home today…

…to help students to prepare for the SS test that was announced to them this Monday!  Anything on the study guide could be on the test – but nothing more….. The study guide should be in their SS duotang.

As well, the marked spelling mock test was handed back so that kids can prepare for Friday’s “real” spelling quiz.  It should be in the homework duotang.

Our 1st weekly spelling quiz is this Friday.

To prepare for that, students have been asked tonight to study the “Bridge to Terabithia” words they have been working on since late last week.  There will be a “mock” quiz tomorrow to help them narrow down the number of words they need to concentrate on studying.

We discussed today how they might study their words.  The suggestion was to:

  1. Select five words.  Spell each word out loud, five times each.
  2. Silently write the same words down, five time each.
  3. Write the words down again, five times each.  This time, as you are writing them, spell them aloud.
  4. Test how well you know the words – maybe a parent or older sibling could help with this 🙂
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4, adding 5 new words + the words not learned from the last round!

Note: This time, word meanings will not be tested, only the spelling of words.

A Science test was announced today.

The test, on Chapter One of the Forces & Motion unit in the Science textbook, will be on Thursday.

Over the last two weeks students have been preparing for the test by reading the text, participating in lessons, writing answers to questions in the text and joining class discussions.

Today a “Study Guide” was handed out for the test.  Over the long weekend, students should begin to complete the two page study guide – using the notes on Chapter One that are in their Science exercise books, and the Science textbook.

We will, or course, also continue to review the material in class!

Here you will find some additional online material useful studying.  This material was made by the publishers of the textbook.

And here is a sample test for Chapter One, again made by the publishers of the textbook.

BTW – The Science textbooks MUST return on Monday, so that the students can use them in class!

FYI – Copied from the chalkboard, here are all of the assignments the students should have completed on Chapter One to date:


PS – Monday is Pajama Day at the school!

Major Science Test on Weather…

is set for Monday, Feb 3.  The test was officially announced yesterday.  The three page study guide for the test was also handed out yesterday and should be in the student’s Science duotang.  To complete the study guide students will need to refer to their Science notes taken during all of our lessons.

To give students more time to study for this important Science test, there will be no spelling quiz this week.

Reminder that there is a SS test on Monday!

Students have had at least three full blocks this week to review and study in class.  A reminder to take home their SS duotangs (with their test study guide) was on the board, as well as being announced at the end of the day!

There will be a SS test in one week, on Monday.

The study guide for the test was handed out today.  We will begin reviewing tomorrow.  All of the material needed for the test (including the study guide) should be in students’ SS duotang.

Tomorrow (Friday) is our 1st spelling test…

students who did not earn 18/18 on Wednesday’s “mock” spelling test will need to study for tomorrow’s test – that’s the homework.