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There is a Socials test on Thursday…. BUT

This is a test with a difference.  Here’s Why.
The class worked in teams to teach those chapters!
As each team taught, I coached the class to take notes on each chapter.  The teams even slowed down so that this could happen.
The teams also wrote their own “tests” on the chapter, which they “marked” and gave back to the students. It was explained numerous times to the class that as these tests were made and marked by the students, they would not count for real grades – but could be used as study guides.
So, for each chapter (I taught and tested chapters 1 and 2 BTW), each student should have notes, and kid-made (and marked) chapter tests – these are what they are to “study” for Thursday’s test.
BUT there is a lot of info in those notes and tests, so I explained to the class on Friday that the test will be “open book”, i.e. they can use their notes, chapter tests and textbooks for references when they take the test!
This whole unit was as much about the process of learning how to learn and teach, as it was about the content – after all the content for each chapter was selected by the kids!
It was a very cool experience for the kids, if I do say so myself


there is a spelling test tomorrow!

Also – parent/teacher meeting times have been sent out today.  If you asked for a time, that time should be in the plastic front envelope of your child’s school agenda.

Odds ‘N Sods

* Simple Machines Science Test#2 is tomorrow.

* A spelling list was handed out for homework today.  15 minutes was given to the class to work on it during school so that students had more time available to study Science tonight.

* Since it is a four day week for the students, the spelling test will be on Thursday.  There will be no “Mock” spelling test this week.

* In preparation for an upcoming unit on long form multiplication, the class has begun practising their times facts in class.  It is strongly recommended that all students practice their time facts at home every day for at least 10 minutes as well.  This is a foundation skill for doing long form multiplication and division well.  We are focusing on speed as well as accuracy.

* An invitation to attend a pre-report card parent/teacher meeting has been sent out with the students today.  They were directed to put it into the plastic sleeve in their school agenda.

* Before we went home, students were reminded to take home their homework duotang, Science duotang and test study guide.

* We are still collecting Scholastic book orders for the month.

More ways to study for the science test

Click below for more fun ways to study:
Study online here

Practice the Science Test online!

Simple Machines Chapter 2 test practice

Simple Machines Test – Study here!

Here are four videos for you to enjoy!
•  Here is a silly video about inclined planes in Ancient Egypt:
And finally, view this to learn about the types of pulleys:

There is a Science test next Tuesday (the 20th)

It was announced today.  The study guide for it was also handed out.  The test will cover Chapter 2 in the Science textbook on Simple Machines.

BTW – Since it was a four day week this week, there is no spelling test this week!

Test Announcement

Today a Social Studies test was announced for next Tuesday, October 30th.  The test is on basic mapping skills, which we have been covering for some time now.  The study guide for the test was handed out today and students were instructed to put it into their SS duotangs.  Some will be made available time in class for students to study – it is also recommended that students also study at home!

Science test soon!

Today our first Science test (on Chapter One) was announced.  It will be next Wednesday.  A detailed study guide was also handed out for the test at the end of the day.  Students were given some time to work on it in class and asked to work some more on it tonight.  In their Science duotangs should be the questions and answers for Chapter One, and notes they were asked to take from lessons.  Over the next few days they should review that material and add it to their study guides.  They’ll get time in class to study as well.

There is a small Science Quiz on…


For the quiz, students will be given a list of weather instruments and a list of what such instruments measure. Their job is simply to match the items in the lis. That’s the quiz!

Students have known about it since Wednesday, and have made a small study guide for it.

Is there a Spelling assignment for next week?

Yes, there is! The list and accompanying was handed out to the class on Friday. Students are expected to complete the study worksheet sometime between Monday and Wednesday. There will not be a Wednesday “mock” test, but there will be a quiz on the week’s spelling words on Friday.

There is Science test on Thursday (March 8)

On March 1 another Weather Science test was announced. Students were given a study guide for the test at that time.

On Friday, we reviewed all of the answers for the test. At the end of the day, students were reminded to take home their study guide and Science duotangs in order to study for the test.

Hint: If you were away on Friday, call a friend to get the answers for the study guide!