Lots of news for Halloween week!

* There’s no homework tonight or tomorrow night.

* A social studies quiz was announced today. It will be next Monday. The study sheet for the quiz was handed out today. It should be in student doutangs.

* Soon, there will also be a surprise quiz on the capitals of Canada’s provinces and territories. Students will not need to spell them, just match them correctly.

* Individual photo retakes are this Thursday morning.

* We are skating this Thursday afternoon. We will walk to the OB rec center around 12:50, and leave it around 2:30. The class is legally required to have two parents volunteers who will walk with us to and from the rec center. Please let me know ASAP if you can help us!

* FYI – If students wish they may bring a small Halloween treat for the class to enjoy for dessert at lunch tomorrow but it is absolutely not required.

* Tomorrow is “orange and black day”. If students so wish they may decorate themselves with those colors. It is not a costume day for students.

* And finally, thank you to everyone who helped make my birthday a special one!! 🙂 What a lovely class this is!!


The wolf visited our school today.

The kids reported she had very soft fur (they expected bristly).

There is a brief adding practice for homework tonight.

Turns out…

… the majority of the class wanted a spelling mock test tomorrow! So, the homework for tonight is to study for that quiz.


If you are wondering what your child earned on that recent Basic Canadian geography social studies test, the marked test was handed out yesterday. Students were told to put their tests in their homework duotangs and share them at home.

There is a new spelling sheet for homework this week.

The spelling quiz will be on Thursday, as Friday is a professional development day.

No spelling quiz this week!

Tonight, the homework is to review place value using a support worksheet.

Also, all of the dates for swimming and skating have been sent home via a letter/permission form!

Keep on studying…

… for Tuesday’s Canadian geography quiz – that’s your homework!

Today is World Ballet Day!

Today only.

See world class live ballet rehearsals & choreography from around the globe – click here: World Ballet Day

Sept 4 Homework

To help students study for Tuesday’s socials quiz, tonight students are to go through their study materials & find 8 or more questions and answers to make into mini flash cards for our studying game we will all play tomorrow!

Sept 3-Homework

There is a SS quiz on basic Canadian geography on Tuesday. The class was told what could be on the quiz yesterday. They took notes on this, in their SS duotangs.

Their homework tonight is to use their completed SS worksheets in their duotangs to find the answers to the study guide questions ie Their homework is to study for Tuesday’s quiz!

PS There is also a spelling mock test tomorrow.

Spelling Homework

Complete the worksheet that was handed out to everyone this afternoon. Mock spelling test on Wednesday.

Monday is individual photo day!

Say che-e-e-se!

Homework: Sept 26

The homework for Monday night was to complete List#2 of spelling words for “Bridge to Terabithia”. That worksheet was accesses via the Google app “Classroom “.

Tonight’s homework is:

1) study yesterday spelling words for Wednesday’s spelling test

2) complete the two page worksheet on place value of that was handed out in class this afternoon.