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Once the draft report is handed in, what next?

While the teacher is proofreading all of the reports, the students have many things yet to prepare for the final good copy of the report.  They can: make the cover page, create 3 pages of informative illustrations, write the introduction and summary, and make the bibliography!  This work should be done at school, but also be worked on for homework.

The draft report is due this Wednesday, May 13th.

The good copy is due June 1st.
Please note that 5 points will be deducted from the research report grade for every day a report is handed in late.  15 points = a drop in a letter grade.

When the proofread report is handed back, students should write or type the good copy of their report, following the “Writing Guidelines” that should be in their research report duotangs (This sheet was handed out at the beginning of the project)

Here’s a worksheet on how to organize a simple bibliography.  It was explained and given to the students last week!

How to Organize your Bibliography

Research Report: Next Steps

The next deadline for the Independent Research Report is May 13th.  That’s the day the draft report (Intro, body and summary) is due!

Students are getting a period or two every day to work on it, but should also being working every evening (and some time on the weekends).

Most students are currently working to turn their organized notes into paragraphs.

Here’s a simple guideline that show how paragraphs are organized:


Why bake pieces of plastic?!?!?!

Today, with artist and staff member Galen Davison, we started a new art project – the making of mobiles.

The lesson today introduced the class to what a mobile is, using examples from the inventor of this art form, Alex Calder. Then they made and colored shapes from shrinkable plastic for their mobiles.  These are what we are asking to have baked at home.  (The simple directions for this should be included in the brown enveloped that went home with the pieces.)

When the children return their baked and minaturized pieces on Tuesday, they will wire and hang them, and then each take their personal creation to hang at home.

Practicing making their own mobile will prepare the class for our bigger project – to design and make a large multi-colored mobile that will hang from the 2nd floor ceiling of the main stairwell in the school!

We thought this would be a great way to celebrate the first year of EMJS’s 2nd centennial and create a lasting legacy for the school.

We’ll keep you updated as the project evolves…..

If you don’t know where else to look for info on your research topic…

Our librarian, Ms. Maddern, has been assisting the class by teaching research skills, coaching individual students, and providing extra time in the library and computer lab for our class to work on their research reports.  In a recent lesson, she offered a variety of ways for students to find the information they are looking for.  Here’s a summary of her ideas:


As well, on the right sidebar of this blog, under the title of “Research Tools”, I’ve prepared a list of over 15 links to online research sources for students.

Every day the class is given a period or two to do their work.  Their homework last week, over the long Easter weekend, and this week is to take “notes, notes, notes, notes, notes, notes”!

All notes are due next Wednesday, April 22nd!!

Already, some students have handed in their completed notes and started to write their draft reports (or are almost ready to do so)!!!

The excitement is building!!!!

The WonderFair is coming very soon!

Since before Christmas, EVERY kid in Grade 4 and 5 in both French and English has been working to design and perform an original science experiment.  That’s way over 100 EMJS students!

This Friday is the culmination of all of their efforts. That’s the “WonderFair”, a glorious day where all of the marvelous efforts by students (and staff) will be on display for the whole school community!  The gym will be packed full of kids showing off their science experiment display boards.

All of the classes will drop by during the day, and all parents are invited too. Do come, I think you’ll find it fun!  Former students from Monterey Middle School have been invited, as has special guest climate scientist and local MLA Dr. Andrew Weaver (who will visit in the afternoon block)

The WonderFair will be open this Friday, from 9:30 to 10:20, from 10:45 to 11:50 and from 1:00 to 2:00. Bring everyone you know – all ages are welcome!!

To whet your whistle, have a look at this mindmap.  Students were asked to brainstorm one word answers to the statement, “Science is…”.

Science is sign Feb 2015




All week, the homework has continued to be…

…studying times facts 10-15 minutes a day, and preparing for our special Spanish word spelling test (Thanks to our newish student Irene for that fun list!).

We are nearly finished our 2nd term class novel, “Shiloh”.  As well as the above studying, the homework for tonight is to compare and contrast two of the main character in the book, Judd and Marty.  A Venn diagram worksheet was explained and sent home with students for this purpose. It’s due tomorrow (Thursday).

If parents are curious to see if their child is improving in her or his recall of times facts, they should check the clear pocket of the student’s agenda book.  The most recent tests were handed back marked on Monday, with a reference as to how that test compared to the one the class took about a week ago.  Almost everyone in the room improved! 🙂

Did you hear our class will be in the school production of the “Wizard of Oz”?  Ask your child what song we will be performing!

Finally, stay tuned for news about our EMJS “WonderFair” on Feb. 13th.  It’s built around exciting kid-made Science experiments, and every Fr. and Eng. class in grades four and five are participating.  Wowza!!