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All week, the homework has continued to be…

…studying times facts 10-15 minutes a day, and preparing for our special Spanish word spelling test (Thanks to our newish student Irene for that fun list!).

We are nearly finished our 2nd term class novel, “Shiloh”.  As well as the above studying, the homework for tonight is to compare and contrast two of the main character in the book, Judd and Marty.  A Venn diagram worksheet was explained and sent home with students for this purpose. It’s due tomorrow (Thursday).

If parents are curious to see if their child is improving in her or his recall of times facts, they should check the clear pocket of the student’s agenda book.  The most recent tests were handed back marked on Monday, with a reference as to how that test compared to the one the class took about a week ago.  Almost everyone in the room improved! 🙂

Did you hear our class will be in the school production of the “Wizard of Oz”?  Ask your child what song we will be performing!

Finally, stay tuned for news about our EMJS “WonderFair” on Feb. 13th.  It’s built around exciting kid-made Science experiments, and every Fr. and Eng. class in grades four and five are participating.  Wowza!!

A new Science test has been announced….

It will be on Chapter 2 of our unit on Forces & Machines.  Last week, while I was away ill, students were to have completed the Q & A work for the chapter. This week we have been reviewing that material.  There is no spelling homework this week so that students can spend time every night this week preparing for the Science.  The test will be on Monday, so they will have the long weekend to prepare.  BTW – the test results for Science Chapter One were handed out to the students on Monday.

Here is a useful link, offered by the publishers of the Science textbook, where students can take an online practice quiz!

There is no spelling test this week….

…to give students the opportunity to study at home for this Thursday’s announced Science test.  They were encouraged to bring home a description of the SQ3R study method (look in the front envelope of the Agenda book for that), the “Study Guide” handed out on Thursday, and their Science exercise book.  They also had the option of taking their Science textbook home.  All of these materials must return to class tomorrow – for we are studying in class too!

Today we reviewed the SQ3R method, and started to build a game for practising for the test. Each student searched their notes and the study guide for questions and answers for the game, which the class will play tomorrow.

For more details about the test, and some online resources for studying for it, see last Thursday’s blog post.